Here are some more useful resources for those expecting or with multiples:

MULTIPLE SPECIFIC – Information, advice, support, resources – Variety of articles on education and bereavement support – Variety of articles and support – Articles, support, facts etc – Information, new knowledge and downloadable materials with regards to the educational needs of multiples
Articles, hints, tips, resources and links pages – Twins register for studies, bi-annual newsletter – Variety of articles

SUPPORT – Australian Breastfeeding Association including help line, information and resources – An organization that provides miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death support – Support for parents during high risk pregnancy – Early Parenting Centre – offers a variety of services to support, assist and educate families – Support network of families of supertwins – information, resources, empathy and good humour – Post & Ante Natal Depression Association – Support for families of distressed infants

CHILD CARE / – Information on child care centres and how to find quality care

PARENTING – Website for Michael Gross, professional writer and speaker on parenting and work-family life balance – free newsletter – Pinky is a former nurse and mother of five children and specialises in health education and family issues – Early Childhood Connection – resource for parenting tips, and latest research into children’s development and behavior – Free subscription to magazine with lots of ideas, articles, tips etc (age group specific) – Australian parenting website – comprehensive practical expert child health and parenting information and activities covering children aged 0- 8 years