School-aged kids and parents rejoiced at the announcement of our first “big kids” event for 2021.

The stage was set at Sunshine Roller Skating Centre in early April with Belle from Princess on Skates. Not only did Belle wow everyone with her skating skills/performance, but she also hosted a one-hour skating lesson – teaching everyone to fall safely, skate and turn. This event was open to all of our school-aged kids, including the big siblings of WMBA multiples.

Emma and Georgina kindly shared their thoughts on the event with us below:

Emma said, I liked roller skating, I went with my sister Georgina and daddy. We went in a little one and a big one, I want to do more roller skating! And it was lots of fun!”.

Georgina said,You borrowed roller skates and when you use your roller skates you give the man your shoes and when your finished with the skates then he gives your shoes back. There is a little bit and a big bit that you can go roller skating in, and I went with Dad and Emma. It was really fun! And Kate and another girl were there to help you learn. My dad wore roller blades too.”